About Us

When you wear PINK IS FOR BOYS you are changing the world. Join the Revolution!

PINK IS FOR BOYS was founded in Tel Aviv in 2017. It sprang from the desire to inspire conversations about equal rights, gender, education and feminism. We strive to open more and more minds, challenge consensus, talk about subjects on the margins of society or those that are less comfortable to talk about – and we hope to educate a new generation to build a better world.

The women and men that wear PINK IS FOR BOYS are youthful, worldly, opinionated, intelligent and open to new ideas. They believe in equality as a way of life. The PINK IS FOR BOYS movement seeks to spread ideas throughout the world. Wearing this brand is about taking part in a process of social change. Be part of the growing PINK IS FOR BOYS community.

So why T-shirts?

A T-shirt boasting a text slogan is better than a billboard: instead of talking, just walk around with a strong message across your chest. People react to what they read on T-shirts passing by. You can’t ignore the bold statements featured on PINK IS FOR BOYS T-shirts. PINK IS FOR BOYS slogans change and update all the time, taking inspiration from people and their cultural and social protests.  

The Designer Behind The T-shirts 

Who decided blue is for boys and pink is for girls?

Why do boys need to play with trucks and swords while girls have to settle for makeup and dolls?

Pink is for Boys is the creation of Gal Zaychner, a graphic designer fed up with the gender norms touted by society in general, and especially the fashion industry, from a tender age. She initially designed kids’ clothes in “reversed” colors, pink for boys and blue for girls, thus was born the brand name.

From there the brand took on a life of its own, branching out from kids’ clothes to t-shirts and accessories, bags, pouches, notebooks, mugs and more.